About Jim Martin

          After graduating from the University of Cincinnati - school of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design I began my design career at Icon Exhibits. During the cumulative eight years I worked at Icon Exhibits I designed approximately 750+ exhibits and received several awards and honors for my design work.

          Looking for new design experiences to broaden my design skills I left Icon to start my own design business that would later become Jim Martin Art & Design. During the initial years as an independent contractor I did numerous projects to expand my artistic and design talents. Among them was learning music and founding and playing in several bands. One group rose to modest local notoriety, played over 500 performances across six states, created and produced four albums, hosted our own music festival 10 years in a row and maintained a mailing list of 1200 and a following of many more. During that time I gained an intimate understanding of running a business, managing people and above all else, through designing music, was able to refine and hone my design thinking process.

          In the initial years of Jim Martin Art and Design I began with a couple clients in the game industry and slowly began adding new business and clients. The first expansion was into product design and prototyping. I started off with primarily wood working and basic metal working capabilities but soon I added CNC and milling to my equipment by designing and building my own 3-axis CNC router. Soon after was a small platen vacum forming machine. During that time I'd taught myself basic electronics and designed and built several successful electronic components one of which I used as part of my musical gear and it continues to funciton flawlessly to this day. Later I added exhibit design back into my scope of work as well as teaching at a local university, Indiana - Purdue Fort Wayne.

Recent additions to my design capabilities include concept design, and concept art. I love science fiction / sci-fi and enjoy every opportunity to contribute to movies, comics, books, etc. I've also done my own art showing of my own concept art and will continue to do so and will make announcements on my Facebook and Twitter pages. So please friend me or add me as a contact!

          I continue to provide design services to those same clients with interest in adding clients and other design experiences. Design is a process that can be applied to any problem solving endeavor.

          Learning is a never ending pursuit for me that I'll never tire of. I'll continue to craft my art and learn new facets of design and look forward to the new and exciting opportunities that will come from building on that knowledge and experience. I'll continue to chronicle that journey by posting examples of my work here on my site as often as I can.

Awards & Honors

CGTrader Digital Art Competition 2018 – Object Design Concept – Third Place
Link to announcement of winning entries

2018 NOVA 40K Trios - Team Courageous – 2nd Place in Storytellers division – Built the underlying castle display board
Link to announcement of winning entries

American Advertising Awards Competition 1997-1998 – Trade Show Exhibit – Essex Group 10x50 – Citation of Excellence

Exhibit Designer World Symposium 1996 – Exhibits Environment Vickers & Aeroquip/Trinova Companies Wooden loader/backhoe replica.

Icon Exhibits 1995 Creativity Award

IDS2 1995 Honorable Mention Icon Exhibits 20x20 two-story exhibit

Nimlok Exhibits 1993 10x20 inline exhibits - Best of Category

IDS2 1992 Best of Category Icon Exhibits 20x20 single-story exhibit


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